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Is anyone having trouble with Mr. Toffee’s Fair?

penkenpenken Posts: 215 Level 3

I often do not get credit for making the required ingredients. I have emailed CC many times about this repeatedly happening. I just made 3 candy bombs and only received credit for one.

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  • YoscaYosca Posts: 8,035 Soda Moderator
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    Hello @penken I don’t have any problems with Mr Toffee. I know some time ago there was a problem with the coloring candy but lately it hasn’t happened. Also be sure you have to make the task by yourself. You could try to do a troubleshooting to see if this works and resolve the problem: log out of the game via your profile - clear the cache (super important!) - power off your device for at least 1 minute - restart your device - check for game and device updates- log back into the game. Also make sure you have at least 2GB free memory storage to run the game smoothly.

    Btw you know only horizontal and vertical rows count, right? 😉

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