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( FINISHED) 📝 Letters to Candy Crush Soda- Win awesome prizes!



  • Pitty_Kitty
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    Well that is my guess in the worst scenario🙈 They may end this contest later in the day, it's very possible since they didn't specify

  • CassD
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    edited March 2022

    Dear Candy Crush Soda

    We first met a little over a year ago when I needed something to take my mind off real life issues.

    I was fascinated by the pretty coloured candies and the patterns they formed and we soon became good friends.

    You also gave me boosters to keep me happy and my game progressing.

    I joined a great Soda Squad team as I.progressed and those cakes are baked so quickly I sometimes don't get chance to bake a single slice - but I do love the rewards my team mates earn.

    I'm not very good at the Weekend Challenges, but I do try.

    I don't like the chocolate or bubblegum levels, but I do love freeing the bears and popping those bottles.

    I think ours will be a lasting relationship, provided you don't make levels too difficult with too few moves.

    Thank you for being there for me when I need you.



  • CassD
    CassD Posts: 18,516 Level 5
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  • DieOmimi
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    Dear Candy Crush Soda,

    I am writing you this letter in the form of a comment. I'm not technically savvy enough to record a video for you and I don't have a handwritten letter in English for you either. I don't speak English and use a translator. Please keep in mind that a translator does not always reproduce what I want to say. If I then copy this from the translator and make mistakes, you may have the impression that I want to part with you immediately. 

    We met in April 2015. Wow I thought, such a tingling game. You had boosters that I didn't know until then and I still love making a rainbow combo (color bomb + color candy) to free bears from many layers of sticky honey or eat chocolate before it becomes more and more. 

    In the beginning, you lured me to you every day to do quests or to climb the chewing gum mound. I had sometimes played with you so much that I forgot the time and had to be admonished by my family so that I would not miss real life. At some point you decided to take away this fun for me. You've removed the quests from the game and the gum mound. Before you brought new features into the game, I left you second. I stopped by every day just to see if we could have fun together again.

    Now, in the so-called darn 7th year, I have reached level 8860. It has become very difficult to pass your levels. You don't give me much help. 

    Meanwhile, you've brought some great features into play. I'm thinking of my soda quad team, where we can always bake wonderful cakes on Fridays. From the love season and the Schabernach season I loved. They remind me a bit of the fun of the game when the quests still existed. I had a lot of fun doing the tasks. Please keep up the good work and bring fun and bubbly events into the game. And please don't make it so difficult for me to create your levels. I am a patient person and like to make several attempts. However, if the fun wears off and our relationship becomes a habit, I will probably neglect you again for some time. You have to know that you are one of my many games. And I need relaxation while playing after a hard day's work, no stress. 

    Please make it funnier again so that we have more fun again. I know it won't be like it used to be. But I don't want to leave you.

    Best regards Your Ina

  • CassD
    CassD Posts: 18,516 Level 5

    Hi @LadyRaffie. Here's the handwritten versionof the letter I typed yesterday. Hope it's legible, but, if not, you have the typed copy.

  • lanamam
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    i loking for my game candy crash soga saga

  • Cici312
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    Good Evening to all my Crushing it Besties!!

    My hubby was jealous for attention and tried to make me choose between his bedtime snuggles and my nightly hour in bed on candy crush...!! Can you believe it?!

    What's a SodaSaga Wife to do?

    I'll tell you exactly what I did... I just slowly got him addicted to the game as well.. and now...every night we snuggle up nice and comfy and play for hours together🥰❤ We even jump in bed as early as 6pm sometimes!

    We swap phones when we're stuck on a hard level and are even on the same team to bake cakes 🎂 🥰

    We love it so much! Thanks CC!

  • stacycrawford
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    WHERE do we share the screenshot of our level in candy crush soda

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