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( FINISHED) 📝 Letters to Candy Crush Soda- Win awesome prizes!

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Hello Sodalicious people,

Don’t you miss those old-school, hand-written letters we used to enjoy sending and receiving? Let’s recover it in the most fun way! 🙂

Think about the relationship you have with your fav game…and imagine you could write a long letter to them! 

What would YOU tell your game if it were a person?


✉️ How does it work?

You can choose between these two types of letters:

  • Love Letter: A personal message to Candy Crush Soda where you look back on how you met and why you chose to be in this relationship. What makes you stick to this relationship?
  • Break up Letter: A personal message to Candy Crush Soda where you explain why you want to break up. Who else have you been seeing? Where has your heart taken you now?

We will showcase all of them in a company-wide event: the whole Kingdom will be able to read your message!


✉️ How do I start?

Start your letter with “Dear Candy Crush Soda” and the rest is up to you; be as sincere and detailed as it gets!

Remember, it should be of a minimum of 1 page, ideally 2 or more if you want 😉

✉️  What will happen to my letter?

We will display all of them in a King-wide event in May, so all Kingsters in the Kingdom will be able to read them and know exactly what the game means to you: this is a perfect chance to tell the makers of your game directly, in your own words, how YOU as a player think and feel!

✉️ How do I share my letter?

  • Extra Premium Option- Video: 

Send us a 3 to 5 minute long video of you reading your letter aloud, in English, or in your own language. You can send us the video via Voxpop me through HERE or WeTransfer. HERE you can find some directions on how to create a link to your video and send it to us.  If you choose this option, please, do send us a picture of the handwritten letter as well!

💰 Reward: You’ll have a chance to win 200 Gold Bars in your game! We’ll randomly choose 5 players to receive that amazing prize.

  • Premium Option- Handwritten Letter: 

 Write a letter in English on a sheet of paper (1-2 pages long), take a picture of it, and post it here below.  

💰 Reward: A chance to win 100 Gold Bars in your game! Again, there will be 5 lucky players, selected randomly among the posted letters

  • Basic Option- Letter Comment: 

Post your "letter" in the form of a long comment here below (only in English). 

💰 Reward: You’ll have the chance to win 50 Gold Bars in your game. We’ll randomly choose 5 players to receive this reward. 

T&Cs for all 3 cases HERE


What are you waiting for? You have time until the 31st of March to submit your videos and letters, so put on your writing cap and open up your heart! 🤗

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