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⚠️ Solved: All events, features and season disappeared

FluffyDinosaur Posts: 1,257 Community Manager
edited October 2022 in Support

Update Monday 10th October 2022

A fix has now been rolled out, make sure your game is up to date to version 1.228.4. After your game is updated it might take some time for the issue to be solved. Please try playing a level and restarting the game. If after some time the game still isn't working - please comment in this discussion.

Friday 7th of October 2022

We're currently having an ongoing issue where players' game is missing the Season Diorama, features (such as Rescue Buddies, 4-in-arow, etc), quests and more are disappearing. Essentially only the levels are left to play.

We're really sorry about this and are working hard on getting the game back to working as usual. In this discussion, I will merge all the mentions of the issue so we easier can collect information on the issue. If you are having this issue in the game, please post your Game ID in this discussion, it will help us out in fixing your game.

You can find out how to find your Game ID HERE.

All updates around the issue will be posted in this discussion and we'll let you know as soon as it is fixed!



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