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🍂Find your team for the Soda Autumn Games 🤸‍♀️

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Hello Sodalicious Community crew!

Autumn is here, and so is our new Soda Community challenge: The Soda Autumn Games!   🤸‍♀️ Learn more about it HERE

But first, it’s time to choose a team for the first competition, which will start on the 13th of October.

Here are the TEAM RULES:

  • Teams have to have 2-3 players
  • Each team must choose a unique team name
  • Every member of the team needs to have a community account and play Candy Crush Soda (Sign up HERE  in 2 seconds!) 
  • Each player can be only in 1 team
  • To create a team, you have to tag @Lola_Pop in a comment here below and write down the names of all participants of the team and the team name (after having discussed it among you of course)
  • Every member of the team must participate at least once in the challenge 
  • For those who participated in the Summer Games, you can use the same teams, as long as all participants agree ( just confirm it to us here below) 
  • You have time until the 13th of October, 13.00 CEST, to form your team

Now it's your turn; hurry up and find your team👇️,

and let the fun start!

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