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(FINISHED) Beat KingChewy on level 2000 with a 🍩 twist 🤔

KingChewyKingChewy Posts: 13,711 Sweet Legend
edited November 2020 in The Fun Area!

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Hey Soda lovers.

Time for a new contest brought to you by BGT aka King Chewy 💪🏻

Most of us have played a BTS Beat The Superstar contest in one of the communities so I figured let’s bring the fun here.

So who wants a shot to beat me on level 2🍩🍩🍩

Here’s the twist, not only do you have to beat my score, but you also must have at least 2 zeros (or 🍩 in my case) in your score 💪🏻.

5 qualifiers will be randomly picked to win 50 GB in your Soda game and if anyone manages to get 5 🍩 in your score then you win 100 GB 😱

Aaaaand... every player who beats the score with at least 2 zeros in their score, will be awarded this exclusive Soda Champion badge:

You have until Nov 30 at 1 pm CET to qualify and play.

Good luck and have fun chasing 🍩 🙏🏻

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