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I only have 21 moves on game 1912. Shouldn't there be 35 moves?

hajjones55 Posts: 4 Newbie

When I google game 1912 all the videos show 35 moves for this level. I start out with only 21. Should it start with 35 moves or only 21?

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  • Pitty_Kitty
    Pitty_Kitty Posts: 13,008 Soda Moderator
    edited January 2022 Answer βœ“

    Hello @hajjones55

    I figured you wouldn't be able to contact support in case you played on browser, that's why I gave you the separate link to contact player support in my previous comment. If you play on facebook you'd still need to update the browser you use to open facebook in order to update the game πŸ™‚

    winning that level 1912 with 21 moves will be hard but maybe not impossible. You'd still have the w10 app as solution (unless you have an older operating system than windows 10, in that case there's no app supported)

    If you'd like to move to w10 app or mobile app please note Soda is progressively moving away from Facebook so less features will be accessible on app via Facebook log-in. But there's no need to worry as you can create a King account instead and sync it to your facebook account so you'll be able to retrieve all your progress and gold bars and keep playing with your King account.

    To sync your accounts, simply create a King account first and visit on pc/laptop. Follow these steps and you'll be all set πŸ˜€



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