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🥤Soda Weekend Challenge! ⏳️Win Badges and Boosters! 🍭

Pitty_Kitty Posts: 13,008 Soda Moderator
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Hello Soda Players!

Welcome everyone to our Soda Weekend Challenge!

This is a place where you can test your skills in Soda every week from Thursday to Monday and win prestigious prizes if you succeed 😉

Are you new to this challenge? Welcome! Join us and compete for a chance to earn:

An entrance in our Soda Hall of Fame HERE

And the Sodalicious Soda Champion Badge in your profile!

Are you a Soda Champion who's always up for a challenge?

Keep competing for a chance to earn the Super Champion Badge. It'll be yours after winning 5 Soda Weekend Challenges 🏆️

Plus, you will be known with 5 ⭐️ next to your name in the hall of fame!

Are you a Soda Super Champion who's determined to rank up?

Keep winning for a chance to earn the Champion of Champions Badge. It'll be yours after winning 10 Soda Weekend Challenges 🏆️

Plus, you will be known with 10 🌟 next to your name in the hall of fame!

Important Infos:

  • Want to partecipate but you don't have a Community account yet? Hurry up and register HERE
  • Don't know how to take a screenshot? HERE's how
  • Terms and Conditions of the competition are available HERE

You participated and won a ribbon 🎗️ in Soda Weekend Challenge. What does it mean?

  • Since Champion Badge requires 1 win to obtain it, Super Champion Badge requires 5 wins, Champion of Champions badges requires 10 wins, each time you master Soda Weekend Challenge, you'll receive a ribbon that symbolizes your win. Ribbons are assigned to players to keep track of the number of their wins. Once players achieve 5 ribbons and then 10 ribbons they unlock Super Champion Badge and Champion of Champions Badge respectively. Check on the progress of your won Soda Weekend Challenges (ribbons) HERE
  • Depending on what the host decides in the specific week, there may be multiple ribbon winners at the end of one Soda Weekend Challenge. If a ribbon is assigned to you, it means you're getting closer to win a Badge. Yay!
  • It's also possible to win a booster as an acknowledgement of your skills and efforts. It's for you to enjoy in your Soda game and it doesn't make you progress in your quest for badges.

About boosters...

  • Only contestants who play on Soda app on mobile devices and Windows 10, 11 computers are eligible for the booster prize. If you don't play Soda on app, I'm afraid we can't send the booster to your game.
  • Players who already won all Soda Weekend Challenge badges (Champions of Champions) can take part and earn the booster prize
  • The method used to determine who will win a booster is not expected to be the same each week.

General Rules:

  • Players who have different Soda Weekend Challenge titles compete in the same challenge but in separate competitions, depending on the prize they're aiming at.
  • Competition that awards the last badge (or a step closer to the last badge) - Champion of Champions badge - will open only when at least 2 Super Champion Players (>5 wins) take part in Soda Weekend Challenge. If less than 2 Super Champion Players partecipate, they will still be welcome to play for fun while Soda Weekend Challenge will keep the Newcomers and Champions competitions open as usual.
  • During Soda Weekend Challenge, Players are kindly requested not to: 1) use old screenshots 2) cover up their own scores, levels, avatars on screenshots 3) cut anything off screenshots
  • Players may add initials to personalize entries
  • New! Disregard of the House Rules (check them here) may lead to disqualification from the contest, at discretion of the moderator in charge.
  • Please always keep in mind that this thread is a place where everyone should have fun and not be disrespected nor hurt.
  • For any concern about the challenge integrity, players are kindly requested to first ask to speak with the moderator in a private message. To ask to have a private conversation, players may tag the moderator in this thread directly. Thanks!

Ready to play and give your best?

When Soda Weekend Challenge opens every Thursday, a description post of the new challenge is added by a Soda moderator at the end of this thread. It may get lost after a while but worry not! The link of the new challenge is updated right on this post, so you'll always be able to find it!

📢Looking for the latest Soda Weekend Challenge to play?


January 26 - January 29, 2024 Challenge is now open. Click HERE



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