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Irenejd Level 2

Yayayaya!   It's BACK!!!  Farm Heroes is BACK!!!  Thank you!


  • @PummyRaj (or @Lady_Choo) I am not sure who I should be addressing now. I am once again discouraged. I loaded the Windows app as suggested by King. My power-ups are gone. Pfffft!!! Well, I have a few. Here is what it looks like now. I have all my gold bars and beans. But I have even fewer power-ups than I had when I lost…
  • @PummyRaj .... I never did hear from anyone about the missing power-ups issue I was having. But if you remember, I was hopeful that they would return when the potato cropsies left. Unfortunately, they did not. Still looking for some positive signs from the Farm Team for returning them. Any word?? @Irenejd
  • Thank you, @abe_coffee! ❤️
  • @PummyRaj Oh, my gosh!!! I CANNOT believe I did not see that. It was right in front of my face! Thank you, Pummy! My ID is 1526061318 I feel so DUH!!! 😵🙄
  • @CicadaCat Wow!!! Shovels are so hard to come by!!! Jealous!!! 😁
  • @PummyRaj I thought I posted a request for help but I must not have hit POST. I need more coffee. On my PC in FB in the browser, where do I find my ID, please?? Thank you. Irene
  • @PummyRaj I have found my id on my iPad. But I play on my PC in the FB/browser. Where do I find my ID there....just in case it's different because I've messed up? Thank you!! Irene
  • Oh, @PummyRaj. That makes me laugh so hard! I guess I just got lucky. I will expect them to return post haste, then!
  • I did get the tutorials turned off, thanks to @FarmerB. At least it looks that way. It is getting way too hot for me in Arizona!! I would probably enjoy a bit of your cold! ❄️☃️🏝️
  • Found it! It looks like it turns off those awful tutorials. They're good for beginners, but... Thanks so much @FarmerB!
  • @PummyRaj Yes, I am sad! Yes, it is back. It came with the potato cropsie. I do remember now seeing something about the Potato event. Maybe I will get my power-ups back when the Potatoes have finished with me! 🤣 I hope you are enjoying your spring weather, Pummy!
  • What is the Accessibiitiy feature???
  • Hello again @PummyRaj and @Lady_Choo I am discouraged with this game! My power-ups are once again gone. GONE!!! and it's like I have a whole new game. I'm getting those darned tips/tutorials and I have things on my board I've never seen before. They're purple. and I have no idea what they are. A potato?? I want my…
  • Pummy!!!!! Lady_Choo!!!! They're back! They're back!!!! I don't know what you did but I am loving seeing them again!!! Thank you so much! And Player Support too if you helped!! 💋💜💚💙
  • No apologies are necessary, Pummy! Lady_Choo helped out but she did not know our history. I did not get the original number set back. It went back for one iteration to the correct number, but it immediately went back to 1. I find that very interesting. I did contact PlayerSupport as Lady_Choo suggested but it was…
  • Thank you, Lady_Choo. Yes, it is so frustrating to be stuck for so long. I wish I was a better player!!! Is it possible for someone to tell me where they are stored? I think you said somewhere - which I can not find now - that they are stored on my PC. Is it cookies?? I'd like to look, and I may have some backups I can…
  • And thank you for the link, Lady_Choo!
  • Thanks so much, Lady_Choo! (You do not have to be Pummy, so no apologies needed!) I didn't even realize there was a Player Support!! I thought this was it, kinda. I will contact them, but it does not make me happy that this is the second time it happened and I had a LOT of power-ups. I know one of them was in or close to…
  • Bummer for you too! Be sure to report it. The more they know that it's happening, the more likely they are to realize it's not just an isolated incident. I think Pummy said they were aware of it. This happened to me a couple of years ago. It it really irritating to lose all those you had and I had a bundle!! The higher in…
  • Oh, bummer! I'm glad you posted tho as it can help them to find the issue. I'm going to start taking pictures when I accumulate a lot. I don't think it's fair that we should work so hard to get them and then lose them. I'm hoping they can give them back to me. And you too! Register it as an issue!

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