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💎 Show your longest link shining charms and new sassy score! 🤩

Diamond_LimDiamond_Lim Posts: 91,993 Diamond Diaries Moderator
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Hello Diamond Diaries Hunters! 👋

I am Diamond Lim (also called me Lim is short as well) while I always Diamond Diaries Expert/Master Player! 💎

Oh! Let me show you my longest link first! 😉

Actually my longer link charms record is 77 on Level 500! Oh! It's Double Lucky 7! 7️⃣7️⃣

Perfect! 👍😄

Oh! Some players have beaten my longest link charms completed on September 2020. Right?! 😏

And then my new longest link charms record is 86 on Level 2114 on 14th April 2021! 😄

Masterful! 😮

But...! That's not all! It's my explosion new longest link charms record is...

90! (What?! Really?! 😲)

Yes! It's really! I got my explosion new longest link charms record is 90 on Level 2445 now (16th September 2021)!

Really...! Really...! Really...! Masterful...! 😲

Another But...! That's not all again! It's my super explosion new longest link charms record is...

102! (What?! Really again?! 😲)

Yes! It's really again! I got my super explosion new longest link charms record is 102 on Level 2114 now (17th September 2021)!

Really...! Really...! Really...! Super Masterful...! 😲

I am really super happy as finally I did linked up to 100 charms on this game! Hooray! 🎉😄

Anyway, I have used so many gold bars and hammers then finally I got my super explosion longest link charms. I am so crazy to challenge to beat my previous longest link charms again. 😜 But I am so sad as I got waste to use them so much. 😞 You don't worry about me, I will earning them back! 😉

Haha! I think I always Diamond Diaries Expert Player and you cannot beat my explosion longest link charms record forever. Right?! 😜

Alright! Let me also show you my new sassy score! 😉

My still new sassy score record is 211280!

Is it cool? 😎

But that's not all again! I got my new explosion and sassy score record is 337180 now (27th May 2022)!

It's really... Masterful again! 😲

Don't be worried! This discussion is not contest, it's just for fun! 😄

So what's your longest link charms and your new sassy score record if you're interested? 😊

"Oh! Let me see! Let me see! 😄" said Lucy.

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Have some fun! Diamond Diaries Hunters! 😄

(Edited/Updated : 27th June 2022)

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