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Annie_SoutterAnnie_Soutter Posts: 72 Level 3

Hi I am a former 😥Pet Rescue saga player who has started playing Diamond Diaries, I am past 200, the game is very challenging without buying help, I have managed to get the key once in that time. I have 2 questions: I have picked the prize for ending a sector that entitles you to the games being renewed in half the time, I have checked that that happens but although the little clock beside the time is turning quickly the time does not go more quickly, can you check please. The second question is, does the cask disappear at the end of a sector or after a certain time because I seem to lose it at times and dont know why?

Is it possible to have more time to obtain the key, in the time I have been playing it seems you can only get to it if you have bought help.

Thank you, I am enjoying the game though

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