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Level 2686, 2688 and 2689 are really very impossible! (Fixed)

Diamond_LimDiamond_Lim Posts: 77,369 Diamond Diaries Moderator
edited January 20 in Discussions

Hello Diamond Diaries Hunters! 👋

Level 2686, 2688 and 2689 are really very impossible to us. I have tried playing to challenge these level without using boosters and extra moves so much but it's still failed today. Really Very Impossible! 😭

1. Level 2686 - 20 Moves is too less moves while so many flowers blocked.

2. Level 2688 - 22 Moves is too less moves and collect the charm boxes very impossible especially as collect the middle charm boxes is the most impossible.

3. Level 2689 - 20 Moves is too less moves and destroy the blockers with using so many moves.

Then I check another new levels are still not problem. 👌😊

And don't be worried! I will asking Community Team to check these three levels first then we hope these three levels should be fixed easier. 😉

So who have stucked on these levels, these three levels are still reported to Community Team already. Please don't posted same questions (It's Level 2686, 2688 and 2689) on Diamond Diaries Support Community and you can continue commenting on this thread. Thank you! ❤️😊

And finally great news as Level 2686, 2688 and 2689 are fixed easier now (20th January 2022)! Check here! 😄

I will tagging Diamond Diaries Players into spoiler (who have reached up to max level on this game with mobile devices) :

@nikaevamia@Kimmee58@Gilbert73, @BevyLee@Amishka@KikeRuiznavarro@noahroth@JeanDee@LizeKNel@20202020@munirahahg@Claudiyoshi@Gracyz@Deepakajal@huggett@Atef2020@Haotyk@annyman725@danielef8107@Farfelu@flaviojose@meercat43@Coqdor91@mdnowshad@karber@TP47@Hannam199 @user0815, @JagMacStu, @Ulla14, @powergeit@Rudiecan@miekken1@SLASH20@Bellalily7@albeesgirl67@Naline02@assen@kando4u3@Mipmop@FavorIsFair@spidervenom@AudreyL1111@dleslie@Andy_Green@MHastings@Mmmkingfan@Carmesix@tashiN86@lchen@sahelidey23@Sockermom@mozart@Mongol@casandra66thompson@mercy680@RegalRenz@Rudiecan@bianca70@Cubsn1@annmarie74@yazzzz78@mumyforever_33@Roha@redmen@Paffipuffi@julieschel@Jerms@edee@MotshidisiMoea@mkeginger@Nickp1935@lailaabelmonam@Manda3@CathySo@kristiwest@ubugrl@jbells1993@louguerrero@Pattyk999@itzidp@gladisnoe@Swinslow1214@soco1@SQuilly@wandamc@Bonni12@Dally1_zn@Michelle_Rayner_2@bgrovesnh@Hetheru@Mirra33@meenakshirudola@Judy8492@cld7lnv@jilaveanu@AnamariaTolea@sinnes526@spoat@Wallycom@Jumn@Patsy_Fields@asjbakkie@diamond_1@LoLo513@erlina1969@charlychoon@Allison_Glen@ginaboo@KatrinaChalon@pbrown1@mozart@PKuehlem@Mariskastal1971@StavrosUbud@Marcella_UX@Hipabou@kel0912@sarvowinner1@kitkat10410@xiaok@sammiew86@RJPisscat@blainecmh@rhrich1@fourpupz@Lamp24@Mcdaler@DeadBurnedTree@Olgalmz@Jerms@willmott75@soveryjio@Hell66@Diana_Smith@koepi69@jpdostie@Kuutarjamatti


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