Hero Mode! The Farm Heroes Team needs your feedback!



  • Danica77Danica77 Posts: 3
    I love this game been playing for 11 years 
  • Chicken_SlayerChicken_Slayer Posts: 9,883 Superstar
    Hi @yaky welcome to the community, could you please repost your comment in English as it helps everyone understand you :)
  • Joy_MarieJoy_Marie Posts: 4
    I think King doesn't really care about the games or the players.  I stopped playing Pet Rescue Saga because I never had any coins to play.  I didn't get coins or lives from the hundreds friends I had playing the game. I really liked the game, but it got ridiculous and hard to play without the proper game "money."
  • marychrismarychris Posts: 1
    I would like to be able to scroll to lower levels easier then finger scrolling. Maybe an arrow that skips through 10 or 20 levels. Other then that, this game rocks!
  • cropsiecrazycropsiecrazy Posts: 3
    I’m a big fan of Hero mode!! You can complete a level but not have a high enough score for the 3 star reward but using Hero mode allows you to play on to try and achieve a higher score and more stars.

  • Angelahalll81Angelahalll81 Posts: 4
    Im a huge fan of this game been playing 4 year's lately i havnt recieved all my rewards though:( although customer support is great at fixing these mishaps  😁
  • HelgaAnneHelgaAnne Posts: 1
    Love Hero Mode. I wish other King games had it. 
    I wish there was hero mode when defeating Rancid. I am irritated by the scoring in the Rancid levels. Essentially once you pass 100000 the level is done, and you only get two stars to unlock the key if your score is over 120000 (?), regardless of how many moves you have left.  I have had multiple instances where I have one or two, or more moves left, but I just hit 100000, and the level ends, with only one star. Very frustrating.
  • ConklinGurlConklinGurl Posts: 2
    I love this game just wish we didn't have road blocks I don't have friends that play and have to wait 3 days to play again
  • raelynn74602raelynn74602 Posts: 4
    I like every level it's a new challenge every time just when you think you are finally going to win that level after trying 2 or 3 times you have one last bubble and you no the bubble in cloud is the same color as the one next to it( your think finally cause you need to do other things and quit) you shoot and it doesn't knock the bubbles down one was a different color DANG IT!!! I put the game away start doing what I need to get done, but no 15 /30 minutes later I'm back playing!!!! WARNING VERY ADDECTING.. 
  • Awem069Awem069 Posts: 1
    I really like hero mode it's a great opportunity to get an extra star and more points it challenges you to beat the level with enough extra moves to make it count! Also the bragging rights when you pass your friends aren't bad either!!
  • thipthip Posts: 10 ✭✭
     =)  =)
  • KattraKattra Posts: 10 Kingster
    Thank you for your feedback everyone, please, keep it coming!  =)

    How do you feel finishing a level with left over moves should be like?
  • Coffee913Coffee913 Posts: 1
    Hero Mode Is Great! The extra points that it provides, makes a HUGE difference in your placement. Hero mode should stay! It gives the game an exciting bonus! Keep up the Great Work, King!! 🤗🤗🤗
  • BarbaramacBarbaramac Posts: 0
    How about rewarding the top 3 in a level
  • Chicken_SlayerChicken_Slayer Posts: 9,883 Superstar
    Hi @Kattra and welcome to our community :)
    It would be nice if things happened like in candy where matches make up and add extra points maybe? That way we wouldn't have to play on but would get the chance to get 3 stars. Farm heroes champions already does that :) 
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