Hero Mode! The Farm Heroes Team needs your feedback!



  • Kelly_1981Kelly_1981 Posts: 1
    Hero mode is awesome  <3
  • dyenendyenen Posts: 3
    Hero mode is a good inventive to keep trying the rewards are greT
  • RegalRenzRegalRenz Posts: 4,786 Superstar
    edited June 4
    Hero mode causes my PC to lag terribly and this is a major reason why I hardly ever play Farm Heroes now. I've tried different browsers and all my other King games work fine. My Farm Heroes game works fine too until I get to hero mode. It literally takes 5 or more minutes for me to make a single move in hero mode because my screen always freezes. Please fix that or make it so that we can skip hero mode similar to what Candy Crush does.

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  • TannaTanna Posts: 1
    I’m a big fan of Hero mode!! You can complete a level but not have a high enough score for the 3 star reward but using Hero mode allows you to play on to try and achieve a higher score and more stars. I totally agree with cropsiecrazy.
  • rainbow-5rainbow-5 Posts: 2
    Hero mode is great! I love hero mode that signifies I have reached the target.It' s like icing on the 
    Cake. I feel good seeing lights "running" and points adding up.Keep up the good work!
  • SiphesihleSiphesihle Posts: 1
    Hero mode is to great. 

  • PixieloPixielo Posts: 4
    I'm a fan of Hero mode. I like the bonus factor very much, especially if I've spent gold to get that one move or use that *one* skill that I forgot about using; so it feels like there's that tiny bit *extra* in terms of stars, and score.

    Even though I'm not necessarily all into that, I genuinely like the puzzles...but if I've been stuck on the same board for a week? I'll spend the $1.99 to get a few moves to end my misery. ;)
    So in the end, Hero mode is cool if you've aced the board, and even if you haven't! 
  • dyenendyenen Posts: 3
    The hero mode is the best reward!! if  I am stuck  board for a while I look forward to the extra time rewards they help me to finish a board but The hero mode is what I use to get me 3 stars. Which gets me. MORE REWARDS
  • deplays13deplays13 Posts: 1
    I started playing several months ago and then stopped. . However just recently gave it another try. I really enjoy the  game a lot. I would like to see ways to earn more bars.
  • wallyprincewallyprince Posts: 3
    I absolutely love this... it give me confidence such a boost with filling all 3 stars... love it
  • wallyprincewallyprince Posts: 3
    I absolutely love this... it give me confidence such a boost with filling all 3 stars... love it
  • wallyprincewallyprince Posts: 3
     =) 😍👊
  • BelalBelal Posts: 1
    It is amazing game and amazing hero mode
  • mysticalmystymysticalmysty Posts: 8,119 Superstar
    The best reward toward the end of every levels, we should always keep it.
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  • jpjstrange1jpjstrange1 Posts: 1
    Wow hero mode is so good iv just fell in love with the game the moment i got it
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