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Boosters! The Farm Heroes Team needs your feedback!



  • tkbm7872tkbm7872 Posts: 320 Level 3

    Hello!! I also really like Boonie's reinforcements !!! They should be able to buy boosters with the beans. I wish Boonie is always there to help us with booster. Thank you

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  • PiumaPiuma Posts: 50 Level 3

    I don't get boosters anymore 😭I don't get boosters anymore 😭

  • PiumaPiuma Posts: 50 Level 3

    I don't get boosters anymore 😭I don't get boosters anymore 😭

  • hzenrickhzenrick Posts: 32 Level 2

    Hello Queen B 1st off a new booster I thought of that would be great 1 where we could choose to shuffle the board around like you all do when we have no moves left next my favorites are between the color collector{cat} the 🚜 which you can use to break open eggs if needed to finish your level and my shovel my least favorite is the +5 moves and the + 1 I only use that if I need a few extra points to win I get the amelia air drop and any of the other specials for free when they show up that's great I bought the egg cracker when I 1st started playing and some How my last 2 disappeared I do have 1 question for anyone to help me with "what is super fruit you all mentioned in other comments" next question how do you buy shovels with beans thank you all for your help in c

  • tkbm7872tkbm7872 Posts: 320 Level 3

    Hello @Hzenrick You can buy shovels with the beans when you go to play a level but you must do them before you start playing as long as you don't have any shovels in inventory !!Β I hope you have understood me !!!Β a pleasure to help you !!Β But you can also ask @encantes is an expert in games as I understand!

  • BlasebaerBlasebaer Posts: 58 Level 3

    I always start with 3 shovels whenever possible. It would be nice to be able to buy them always. The color collector is a DOG and its name is Hunter.

    The new tractor is also welcome but its mostly like a big shovel.

    Super Fruit is pretty useless. Airdrop is good for eggs and a but entertaining.

  • deanshlomitdeanshlomit Posts: 1 Newbie

    I am super dissapointed with the new version of farm hero. I can't seem to get beans any more, the shovel action is slow with the extra step and all the bling is just annoying.

    I played this game for years and I am about to give up. :( thank you for doing it in 2020 so it all fits.

  • Chef_RIXChef_RIX Posts: 9 Level 2

    Hi 😊

    I use all of the booster. Mostly the colour collect, the egg cracker and the remover of grumpy crops. In pre-level boosters I find the 'airdrop' very effective, but hard to get

  • channie8channie8 Posts: 778 Jelly Moderator

    G'Day Studio Team,

    Hope you're all well and just wanted to say, you guyz seem to work well together and I love that you guyz have a place in this Community. That is actually a very awesome and unique feature! I think it might be one of the things that contribute to the Community spirit here. It's very noticeable, the tone of this Community, very cool indeed. Good work!

    I agree with @hzenrick, a shuffle option would be great!

    I do like to have the tractor handy, especially if dealing with a stubborn flower or egg lol!

    In fact all the boosters work well with the theme and process of the game play. The Air Drop can be a little frustrating at times but you can't have everything right!

    The +1 can come in handy also, when you're just a couple of points shy of the requirement.

    Hunter is of course one of the greatest boosters ever, especially when stuck on a level for quite some time.

    Love love love Bonnie of Course, especially the graphics!!!

    Maybe a new booster that could help with bean collecting would be appreciated. If you don't have a friend list that's helpful with sending anything, this could be a really helpful feature at just the right time lol

    Keep up the good work guyz!! Always a pleasure!

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  • raminjeriraminjeri Posts: 9 Level 2
    • πŸ‘πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’˜πŸ’”πŸ’ͺπŸ™‹πŸ˜˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜

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