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(Finished) Help us find our characters and collect Badges and Gold!

MarkHawkMarkHawk Posts: 4,063 Community Manager
edited May 2019 in Win Prizes
Hi everyone 🍒

Spring is here and we thought it would be a great idea to celebrate all together and throw in some Badges and Gold 🌸 Are you with us? Yes?! Great! Now here is how it works: 

We've lost 13 of our main characters into the whole Community. You'll receive that same character's badge for each of them that you find. And if you find all of them, you won't only have 13 extra badges, but we'll also give you 50 Gold bars in the game of your choice! SWEET!

Now, a few tips to help you out 🐣

To navigate in the Community between each games, use the Games tab on the top left corner.
Once you've found the character, do not forget to comment on the thread to receive the badge and register for the Gold bars! Your comment has to be about the contest 😉

And this is an example of badge that you can win... Tempting, no?

You have until Monday 29th of April to collect them for a chance to win 50 Gold bars! 
Terms and Conditions here

Good luck :star:

Welcome to the King Community! 

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