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Game is Crashing/Freezing - FIXED!

sharonhsharonh Posts: 3 New Bee
edited January 13 in Support
Why won't level 2439 and 2440 and probably above load on my IPAD but will load on Apple Mac?

Best Answers

  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 5,111 Community Manager
    Accepted Answer
    Thanks for the details @sharonh😉

    I've reported this to the studio so they can investigate the further as there might be an issue with the latest updates. I'll keep you up to date once I know more.

    Some players has reported that by force closing the game app it help, but this can take few attempts and you will lose some lives during this process but cross our fingers the studio can solve this fast 🤞🤞
    Accepted Answer
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