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🐇🐢🐥 Guess the Hidden Number and Win Gold Bars ! ( Finished )

kiara_wael Posts: 137,397 Candy Moderator
edited September 2022 in Contests

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Hello Rescuers ❤️.

Welcome back to the guessing contest, Can You guess my hidden number 👇️, I play level 504 , completed without booster , and my score is 33❓️07.

📝 Rules : Guess the number in my missing score. The number can be anywhere from 0 to 9. Players can only guess twice

🎁 Prizes : 5 players who guess correctly or are close to the missing number will be randomly selected to win 20 Gold Bars each when the competition ends

🗓️ Dates: You will be able to participate here until July 20th ( 10:00 CEST ). Terms and Conditions here



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