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(ENDED) Pet Rescue Saga Very Special Valentine’s Day Event!💘

Lady_Choo Posts: 24,336 Pet Rescue Moderator
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Its special contest time Pet Rescuers! And the season of lurvvvvve, Valentines day! 💘❤

This is one of 7 special contests here in the community 🥰 In the image you will see a crossword puzzle with clues to find the answers. All the answers are related to Pet rescue saga, but one of them also is a word that is associated with Valentine’s Day. You need to solve the puzzle and using the spoiler, write your answers to the complete puzzle in the comment section below. (Instead of using the spoiler, you can also attach your puzzle with the words written down as an attachment using the paperclip icon below if you wish)


2. Event that arrives Monday and lasts 3 days ____ Alert

4. The colour pop ? removes all blocks of the same colour

5. This Mystery item will have the pets scaling new heights

6. Check out how many lives you have by looking at these (This answer is NOT THE SPECIAL WORD)

7. You will need one of these to open the locks


1. Special seasonal event for building a town

3. Rescuing the ----- panda will earn you a mega bomb

4. Release this from it's jar to rescue a Pet for you

A reminder of how to use the spoiler...

Make sure you make note of the word you think is associated with Valentine’s Day. To enter the contest in the hub, you will need to write down the game and the special word that you think best represents Valentine’s Day from all 7 games including FHS to qualify HERE. (I will say the answer to 6 is not the word)

Once you have posted your answer in the hub (using the spoiler), you will get this Very Special Valentine’s badge:

Also, five correct players from this contest will win 20 gold bars for their Farm Heroes game.

You have until 16:00 CET 17 February 2023 to take part!

Terms and Conditions here

Happy Valentines day everyone and good luck! 💘💘💘



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