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Spring Petopia: Treat your Pet 😻

Lynette Posts: 6,336 Pet Rescue Moderator
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Hello Pet Rescuers 😸

Those of you playing Petopia will have noticed that the Pets sometimes 'think' of various items. These are what you need to do to complete the 'Treat your Pet' quest.

They want you to tap on them, pick them up and drop them in specific places to fulfill their needs (they will also reward you for doing this ❤️) Below I will help you see exactly what they are wanting when they do this 😺

Note that one Pet wanting something will appear in your game after each level you pass so remember to scan your whole land to find them.

Juice at the Juice Bar

This Pet is thinking of two juice cartons (with straws) 🥤

Pop them on the Juice Bar

Relaxing at the Yoga Park

This Pet thinks of a Yoga Mat

Drop them off at the Yoga Park 😸

A Hungry Pet

The Pet here wants a hamburger 🍔

Drop them at the Burger Joint!

Playing Arcade Games

Here is a Pet thinking about an arcade game 👾

They would like you to take them to the Arcade

Boating on the Lake

This Pet fancies a boat ride 🚤

Drop them on the Woodland Lake, or the boating pond

Performing on the Open Stage

This Pet is thinking of giving a performance

Take them to the Open Stage and see them perform!

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any questions or other activities the Pets think about 🙂

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