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❄ Pet Rescue Saga Winter Wonderland Global Contest! ❄ finished

Lynette Posts: 6,190 Pet Rescue Moderator
edited December 2023 in Contests

This is one of 10 contests located in the different game areas with a final contest in the Community Hub. You need to match the image with the correct words that describe it. However, one of the images doesn’t have a correct words or description 🙀

For the hub contest HERE you need to list the incorrect image for each of the contests in order to have a chance to be one of 3 lucky winners of 50 Gold Bars in the game of their choice.

Three participants, with the correct answers here in the Pet Rescue Saga area, will also be chosen to win 30 gold bars in their Pet Rescue Saga Game.

❄️Look at the picture and list below.

 Can you match each numbered picture with the correct letter description?

A. This booster blows things up!

B. Pets can appear trapped in these.

C. This pup grows and rewards you with gold bars.

D. This cat is dressed ready for Winter Petopia.

E. Use these to buy boosters in the game.

💥List your answers, number plus letter in the comments below.

Please use the spoiler so that others can also figure it out for themself 😺

➡️ Note, one of the images does not match the description and this is the image you need to mention in the Hub contest.

Everyone who enters the hub contest and posts the correct answers using the spoiler will receive this beautiful Winter Wonderland badge

This contest will run until 17:00 CET 29th Dec

Terms and Conditions here



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