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(ENDED)🐶Pet Rescue Saga Weekly Challenge #3

Lynette Posts: 6,371 Pet Rescue Moderator
edited March 18 in Contests

Who would like more opportunities to win gold bars? 😸

This is week three of four weeks where we will be giving you weekly challenges.

Each week three lucky players can win 30 gold bars for Pet Rescue Saga!

Week #3 challenge

This week all you need to do is get a score over 20000

This has to be a newly played level, not one you've played previously.

⭐️Please, screenshot your level before you play, then again at the end showing your score.

⭐️Then post your screenshots in the comments below.

(Hint: screenshot the start of all levels, delete if they don't get over 20000, save and use if they do😉)

Here is my example, remember you can use any level as long as they've not been played already.

This challenge ends March 18th

👉 Contest Terms & Conditions!

Have fun Pet Rescuers 😸



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