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(ENDED)🐶Pet Rescue Saga, Petopia Weekly Challenge #2

Lynette Posts: 6,365 Pet Rescue Moderator
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It's Springtime and Petopia is here, so for 6 weeks we will be having special challenges where you have the opportunity to win gold bars for Pet Rescue Saga.
This is the week #2 challenge.

Each week three lucky players who complete the challenge will be randomly chosen to win 30 gold bars for Pet Rescue Saga!

🐶Petopia Weekly Challenge #2

This second challenge is about your quests within Springtime Petopia

⭐️Screenshot your quests list, like the examples below, to show where you've reached in your Petopia quests and submit it in the comments.

You might be still near the beginning

Already completed 🙀

Or somewhere in the middle

Just share where you're at and you'll be in the running to win gold 😺

This challenge ends April 9th

👉 Contest Terms & Conditions!

Have fun Pet Rescuers 😸

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