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Official Announcement: Pyramid Solitaire Saga, no longer playable on Facebook or on Windows 10



  • AnnaSoazAnnaSoaz Posts: 2 Newbie


    je n'ai pas de tablette, j'ai un ordinateur portable (windows 10)

  • Edna_HamptonEdna_Hampton Posts: 1 Newbie

    so i can play on my phone or ipad but not on my laptop that means that any boosters i have dont transfer over. but thanks for the update

  • Diamond_LimDiamond_Lim Posts: 90,816 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Hello there and Welcome to Sweet King Community! Pyramid Solitaire Adventurers! 👋😄

    @AnnaSoaz - Sorry for your reply because we can only use English on this area that we can understand / help you on King Community. Don't worry! You make sure use Google Translate to translate English Language as well on next time. You can also read the House Rules here! But you can join and ask here with using French Language on French Corner. @Nat09 is French Ambassador that she can helping players around French Corner. 🇨🇵 Thanks! 😊

    @jmm0054 - Very sorry as this game has available on Android and Apple Mobile Devices only. Unfortunately. 😢

    @Edna_Hampton - Yes! The boosters cannot be transferred / saved to any devices on any King's Games when you switch out new or change or upgrade device or reinstall game! Check my full answers to player here. Unless, you have however lost purchased items, please report this to our Player Support team here and then ask and send your Game ID (How to find your Game ID), so they can help. 😊

    Anyway, thank you for your playing Pyramid Solitaire Saga. ❤️😊

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    Have a nice and safety day! ❤️😄

  • Nat09Nat09 Posts: 12,561 Pro Player 👑

    Salut @AnnaSoaz Bienvenue dans la communauté 🤗 La communauté Pyramide Solitaire est une communauté uniquement anglophone pour que tout le monde ce comprend 😀 Tu peux utiliser un traducteur comme Google Translate pour t’aider ou venir me rejoindre dans la communauté Internationale Francophone en appuyant sur le lien ci-dessous 👇🏻

    Bonne journée 😊🐰


    Does that mean, the game is endangered? Diamond Diaries Saga is also facing the same treatment

  • Diamond_LimDiamond_Lim Posts: 90,816 Diamond Diaries Moderator
    edited March 9
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