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  • Lady_Sarina
    Lady_Sarina Posts: 5,617 Level 5

    G'Day @alsto40

    There's an announcement thread in The Hub called "An end of an era" that talks about changes to the superstar programme and new Game Moderators being selected. More to be announced on the 22nd Feb I think :0)

  • alexwhite504
    alexwhite504 Posts: 7 Level 2

    I loved the Royal championship at first. I got to the top of the leaderboard and got a long streak and suddenly I lost every game after that for 2 rounds of buying tickets because the person I’m playing against randomly gets lollipops and FISH from the sky, not even making them. I won every game I played until I bought gold bars and was on the leaderboard. People that make stupid moves and use their blocker to block my candies and don’t even know where to put it that aren’t winning anything all beat me in 2 turns. YES, 2!!! I’ve also had boards where I don’t have a move the ENTIRE GAME. Having to move candies at the very top that aren’t even part of my board/ color!!!!! Never happened until i bought bars and made it to 1st. Also, I cooled off from almost throwing my phone after that and played the next day and won, and instead of advancing on a streak and gaining points, Got “no connection” and my ticket was used, game won, and no reward what so ever after I reached 50. And this isn’t the only time this has happened. Several times I’ve won and all of a sudden there’s “no connection” or I’ll start a match and it’ll find me an opponent and use my tickets then say no connection, leaves the championship, then i go back and my ticket was used. This is a huge scam. Im FURIOUS.

  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,452 Level 5

    This is a serious issue, it happens to more players as time goes on and nobody has an answer! 🙄

    It is true that long ago everything was far better in the game, while as time passes by more and more difficulties are added in the game, for what reason? Probably not to make player's life easier!!

    The newer boards are boards where sometimes the game plays itself together with the opponent, while tons of special candies fall down from the sky, filling up again and again the opponent's cage! And you, the "poor" player, what can you do?

    You can watch the opponent have a "perfect win" or you just can leave the game!

    The truth is that the time of big streaks is gone!

    The possibility of entering into peacock level is minimized!

    The locker put a "NO" over this!


  • Lady_Sarina
    Lady_Sarina Posts: 5,617 Level 5

    G'Day @alexwhite504 @NikolaosProdromidis

    I'm wondering if, what started out as a great initiative by The Jelly Studio, actually turned into a logistical nightmare for them?

    It might have been smooth sailing in the beginning but as it became so popular and literally thousands and thousands began to play, the system and servers may have just been overloaded. There are 16 King Games that I know of, plus all the Communities within this forum. That's millions of players and hundreds of Community Housemates.

    Maybe all the testers and things like the dreaded "lock" and no connections are ways they are trying to slow the system down whilst they work on the tech and programming issues?

    I've been reading on the net that game programmers and level developers are under the pump and find it hard to keep up with the demand, apparently, a lot have needed to "take a break" coz they're stressed out!! Not sure I'd envy that job.

    Technology is ever changing and as an "old duck" (as the teenagers around me refer to people over the age of 45 lol), it's way better than when it was introduced to my high school but even I've had a hard time keeping up lol

  • lautje72
    lautje72 Posts: 150 Level 2

    I bought gold for 24 hours, just to see wat happens next....is it stil manipulatif and do i still get "oeps something went wrong". Does my opponent still gets al the boosters the need to win?

    Well, YES!!!! All the problems stayed. I have lost so many times in "mysterious" ways😠. Yes i am first in the leaderbord, but its not fair amongst other players when i play anytime i want. I am still irritated. Its not worth my money.

    All the problems in RC can be solved if they stop manipulating the game, so their internet is not overloaded and they won't have to blame us!

  • cspotrun413
    cspotrun413 Posts: 2 Newbie

    Sick of all the bugs with this game. Tired of having to click multiple times to start a game because it says something went wrong or no internet connection. Tired of losing streaks because of the same messages. Quit adding new features and fix the ones you already have. Paid for unlimited lives and couldn’t get in to use them. 😡😡😡

  • Lady_Sarina
    Lady_Sarina Posts: 5,617 Level 5

    G'Day Jelly Crew,

    Ok, I have a idea that may just simplify things for me and save a lot of time rather than go through multiple pages in multiple threads. Time is my most valuable commodity both here and in the real world.

    My suggestions is... getting to the top 5 Tech/Feature and Function issues that everyone wants put at the top of the list for fixing, in the RC. Yes there are many but not everything can be tackled at once. This is for members who are actively playing RC right now. (The main board I'll get to later) so please stay on topic. Please don't tag anyone who isn't playing RC :0)

    In the interest of being able to keep track easily, if you see someone's already commented on/suggested an issue, please try not to repeat it, only add something if it isn't covered. (you may have to read as much as I do to accomplish that but we are a team and teams work together) 🤣🤣🤣🤣🥰🥰 on that note I am starting from this point forward. I'm sure everyone can cover 1 point each, you can take your pick, first in, best dressed 😀😀😀

    Please be constructive and even state why you think it is beneficial to make the change you are suggesting, how it effects game play etc. Be specific, I'm not worried if your comment is lengthy because then it can be covered quickly and thoroughly (Say it once lol) E.G this is a great opportunity to bring up "The Clock".

    @headoperations @DieOmimi @NikolaosProdromidis

  • Lady_Sarina
    Lady_Sarina Posts: 5,617 Level 5

    G'Day @headoperations,

    Thanks, I appreciate this a lot. So to clarify that my understanding is correct........

    The Clock was in the original release of RC and was a " numbered timer" so to speak, taking the appearance of a "clock" face?

    Then it was replaced by The Bar Indicator, which reduces as the time goes down but without the numbers being apparent?

    Yes I agree, this seems like a small thing in regards to programming and sounds like, this would be appreciated if changed back, as an act of goodwill on behalf of The Studio and go a long way in making feedback feel like it's heard and appreciated?

  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 32,228 Friends Moderator

    Hi @channie8 I only play RC occasionally. I played last week after a 3 month break. Nothing has changed that I would like to see. So I'm taking a break again.

    If we have a problem in RC, should we call it here, right? I hope that then it will be ensured that someone takes care of himself.

    You specifically targeted players who travel a lot in Jelly and also help. But there are so many new bees, how do you want to catch them? They just post because they have a problem and don't care about things that were before them.

    Let alone that they have the time and patience to explore a history.

    It is certainly different if there is an answer behind every issue that is highlighted here. But that is not the case. That is why this discussion is more of a "mecker corner" than a help.

  • dc2015
    dc2015 Posts: 186 Level 2

    It would be nice if we could get the connection issue fixed. I know I'm not the only one having problems. It always says sorry something went wrong when I'm winning, I shouldn't lose my streak because the studio is having issues. I know I'm not the only one to complain about this.

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