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Blossom Blast won’t load on iOS.



  • sugosugo Posts: 2

    sugo said:
    Same problem here,ipad mini4 on IOS 10.2. Update or reinstall didn't really fix the problem,only my boosters are gone.Then it worked 2or3 times,then again stuck on orange page.
    What solves the problem was:
    -Go to ios settings->Safari->Clear history and website data (Don't know if it's the exact name of the menu point since my ios runs on german)
    After clearing i was able to login again.
    Damn,it seems this was just randomly working...after receinig the gift of the day Blossom is stuck seems there is a connection problem with King's server...
  • MamaMemaMamaMema Posts: 1
    After updating BBS, screen stays on orange “King” screen less than a minute, then crashes. I LoVe playing this game & am currently past level 255 & looking forward to getting through MaNy MoRe levels as well! 
    Thank you, in advance, for your time & help in this matter!🙏🏼
  • hoganhogan Posts: 0
  • chantchant Posts: 1
    Depuis le 23 décembre blossom blast ne charge plus sur mon iPhone et mon iPad mini je n’ai qu’un écran orange.
    merci de solutionner ce problème 
  • I don’t ever receive a reply from the makers of the game either re the problem 🙄
    I don’t want to play the game just for that reason.. either tell something 
  • Type your commentorv
  • Or fix the freaking problems 
  • jeannesjeannes Posts: 2
    I had to remove the app and reinstall the game. Obviously I lost all my progress but on the plus side starting again gave me more gold bars than I ever received before plus more boosters than I ever got before spdespite getting to level 700 plus. So all in all a good result. 
  • kydj101kydj101 Posts: 3
    Blossom blast will not load.  I don’t want to lose everything and I want my daily bonuses.  
  • wzthxjwzthxj Posts: 1
    Same issue. After the most recent update last week this happens constantly. The only (temporary) solution is to uninstall/reinstall. But it will do it again within a few dozen levels. I was at 844 when it froze the first time and now I can’t get past 40. You have a bug in your update - fix it and stop blaming the players. iOS up to date and 22Gb memory left.
  • rtackachrtackach Posts: 3
    Not going to do anything to my game until Friday give king time to fix problem it has to do with their system not our phones or systems on the phone 
  • TishTish87TishTish87 Posts: 1
    Can’t load Blossom Blast since last upgrade- Orange Screen then back to Home page in my iPhone 
  • JustPlayingJustPlaying Posts: 4,247 Superstar
    Hi @TishTish87

    I am sorry many are having an issues after the iOS update. Please try all iOS troubleshooting. And let us know if it resolves
  • What IOS troubleshooting??? I’ve upgraded to the most current version and I did everything it told me to do and I’m still having the problem
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