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(FINISHED)Help Wilbur with math problem and win Gold Bars!

firebombmarkus Posts: 13,110 Sweet Legend
edited October 2019 in Contests

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Oh, look who is there! 👀 It's Wilbur!

I came across him and he started begging me to help him!
He has a math problem to solve but he was a very naughty boy and he missed a lot of math classes.
Who would say you will need the math in your life? 🙈

Since I am not that good in math either, I have to ask you guys for help. We can do it together! 🤗

How to play: 

You must place the numbers from the box on the scale
The sums on both sides of the scale must be equal to keep the scale in balance

Here is the math problem: 

Now let's go to the sweetest part of the contest!
10 random players solving Wilbur's math problem will receive 30 Gold Bars each in their Bubble Witch Saga game. 
Please use the spoiler so that other players do not see your answers. Thank you 😊

Good luck 🤗

The contest ends on the 30th of September 12:00 CET.
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