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How to play the different game modes in Bubble Witch Saga 3

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If you are new to the game then here is your chance to learn more about them! 

Game Modes:

Clear All Levels, Lead the Ghost Upwards, Release the Owls, Defeat Wilbur


Clear All Levels:

To pass this level you will need to pop all bubbles. Here are some tips for you:

Try to pop the bubbles that are in top

Try to pop the bubbles that are in more same color

If you get the bubble with less same color bubbles on the board then aim it to below any bubbles that are more in same color

Pop the bubble with more in same color to pop below more other bubbles

Lead the Ghost Upwards:

The objective of this game mode is to clear a path through the bubbles to make the ghost fly to the top of the screen. To do this you will need to break the bubbles above them. The best way to do this is to build an ascending path for the little ghost so he can reach his friends waiting at the top. Every time you create a path that is further up the ghost will make his way to that path.

Release the Owls:  

The goal of this game mode is to rescue the owls by matching the bubbles they are trapped in. Each owl has a specific color and these colors correspond with the color of a bubble. To release the owls, you will have to break the bubbles near them. Choose the color of the bubble that is above the owl. Aim and break those bubbles by matching them with three or more of the same color bubbles. You can also aim the bubbles below to another bubble that has more in the same colors.


Defeat Wilbur:

Wilbur is the pesky feline that everyone loves to hate. He is an unremarkable and lazy cat but was mysteriously turned into an antagonist. He sits at the top of the screen and spawns bubbles, blockers and more from his magic skulls.

His health is represented by the green life-bar at the top of the screen. He will refresh the screen with new bubbles after every turn. To stop him in his tracks, you have to create matches to burst the bubbles containing fairies. Each time you free a fairy, they will head towards Wilbur depleting his magic shield!  Once his green life bar completely depletes,  he will make a quick exit from the board.  

Remember that it’s not all about bubbles and fairies because you will also have to deal with the blockers and boosters, such as black bubbles, blast bubbles and more. It’s important to pay attention to these as you can use them to your advantage. For example, if you have no possible matches to create but you have a blast bubble next to some fairies, hitting the blast bubble will release the fairies and deplete Wilbur’s health.  Here is a good tip for you. Aiming high up the chain might help you, especially when the bubbles at the bottom of the board do not contain any fairies and are full of blockers. This can help you refresh the board, which will spawn more fairies and give you new opportunities! (Wiki)

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