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Lost log in

PD987PD987 Posts: 238 Level 3
edited February 2021 in Support


I hope someone can help, if possible. I seem to have inadvertently lost my game. I just realised that i wasn't logged in to my game, so did it because i was having trouble on a level so needed to log out and back in to see if it fixed the problem.

When i did log in a completely different profile pic was there (not mine) but the name, chapter and level were right, but my boosters were gone. Now i'm getting little pop ups like when you're a newbie, the pop ups that give you a little bit of advice on how to play the game. I also worry that my ID number is now different.

My original ID is 8814818590

Can this ^ be recovered

Edit: ID is now showing as 8877713727, and i've no idea how this happened. I've only got one game account, so what's going on?

Pleeeese help!


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