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ENDED 🥇 Bubble Witch Summer Games - Win Gold and a Badge 🥇

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Hello Witches & Wizards! We have great news for you!

🔮 Type of Game we Will be Playing🔮

**** Descending your Score****

**** 112,595 = 955,211 ****

📑 The Rules set by the Judges 📑

🔹 Play any Level in the game & take a screenshot showing your ending score.

🔹PLEASE READ ~ My score is 112,595...reshuffle your score from the HIGHEST number to the LOWEST number.

Example: 112,595...Start with the highest number in the score which is 9, then the next highest is 5,then another 5, then the next highest is 2, 1 then 1. So my New score is now 955,211

🔹 Comment by posting your screenshot and detailing both your played Score & your New Descending Score

🔹 Maximum reversed score accepted is 999,999 Points. 😁 🥇

🔹 You can post more than once, but the maximum is 7 screenshots per player (one screenshot/score = 1 try).

🔮  🏋️ What's the prize? 🏋️ 🔮

1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners who achieve the highest Descending scores will win 50 Gold each and a beautiful medal with your avatar placed in the middle. So who will be our Gold, Silver and Bronze winners? 🏋️🏋️‍♀️💪


Everyone that plays will also receive this beautiful badge thanks to our wonderful @QueenB 😀 👻 🏋️ 👏

You have to post a screenshot with your score to win the badge. You can't just make a comment! 😉

You have until August 6th, 9am C.S.T. USA to participate.

Here is your Countdown timer for your convenience:

👉 Terms & Conditions here.

*** By some remote chance, there is a tie on one of the highest scores, the first person who made that score will win ***



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