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🚪Gold Chapters Event gives Badges 🚪

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🚪It is all about New Chapters in Gold ~ are you ready 🚪

Thanks to @Jelly_bean_hearts for this contest idea and @maf34100 with a twist.

As we move up the levels we are always entering a new Chapter every 20 levels. So why don't we try our best to complete the new chapter with all 3 stars.

You will have 3 Goals you will need to achieve for all 3 badges 🏅

👀 Here is how it works

Editing: If you are currently in the middle of a Chapter, please post a screenshot of your map and a screenshot of your Chapter. I will let you start there.

  • Start with a new Chapter (Do Not Play yet) and post a screenshot of your map and of the new Chapter. It will show, 0/60 stars
  • You now can start playing. You will need 3 stars on each level to receive the Gold Chapters card. One Chapter will give you 60 stars.
  • The images below is Chapter 2 and they are not the full 20 levels, but this is what your screenshots needs to look like.
  • The purple shows no levels have been played 0/45 stars ~ the Gold chapter shows all levels received 3 stars on Chapter 2
  • That will be your starting and ending screenshots needed plus the map👇️

There are 3 badges you are playing for, if you choose to accept the full challenge

1st badge you need to complete 2 new Chapters with 3 stars to obtain the Gold Chapter card

2nd badge you need to complete 1 more new Chapter with 3 stars to obtain the Gold Chapter card

3rd badge you need to complete 1 more new Chapter with 3 stars to obtain the Gold Chapter card

So that is a total of 4 new chapters to get the 3 badges

They do not need to be chapters in numerical order but you cannot move to a chapter below your starting chapter.

  • For instance ~ if you start on Chapter 15 and you complete that chapter with 60 3 stars, then you go to Chapter 16 but cannot get all 3 stars, you can move on to Chapter 17. Just cannot go below your starting Chapter

There is one more surprise Badge that you can earn! 💎 The Diamond Star Badge 💎

How to achieve the 💎"Diamond Star Badge"💎❓️

Not only completing a chapter with 3 stars you will need to get the extra 4th star. Your 60 levels will have all white stars on it.

  • You need to complete 2 chapters that not only has 3 stars on every level, but also the 4th white star on every level, which we are going to call 💎"The Diamond Star"💎

👉 Terms & Conditions here

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