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Bubble witch saga 3 have no sound (FIXED)

cristalinecristaline Posts: 3
edited July 18 in Bubble Witch 3
Bubble witch saga 3 have no sound on windows 10, since several days. But music works.

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  • andresebuandresebu Posts: 1
    I cant find any solution from forums. No sound after win 10 update, using PC.
  • mysticalmystymysticalmysty Posts: 13,114 Superstar
    edited July 14
    Hi @cristaline I do love playing BW3 with sounds when I’m home, so I  feel your frustration. I found this answer from another superstar and I hope it help. Type this into your address bar  chrome : // flags / #auto play-policy  On the highlighted option choose no user gesture required and restart your browser. Let me know it if work 😊

  • cristalinecristaline Posts: 3
    Hello, Thanks but I don't understand the answer because I don't play on a browser but directly on my pc and 3 days ago it was still working
    Also my browser is Firefox.

  • cristalinecristaline Posts: 3
    I just played  candy crush  of king and no problem with the sound. I think more about a specific game bug

  • alien142alien142 Posts: 2
    I'm glad to see others playing at 3 a.m.!! Thanks for making me feel "normal?" Lol
  • alien142alien142 Posts: 2
    Are there any players in Kennewick wa?
  • deacong2001deacong2001 Posts: 1
  • jenkuziajenkuzia Posts: 1
    Hi there!

    When I started playing Bubble Witch a few years ago, the music would play throughout the whole game.  For a long time since then, there is only the theme song playing before and after you play a level.  The music does last a little bit when you are playing a level, but then it stops.  I only hear sound effects from that point on.   Now, for the past week, there is no music or sound effects during the level being played.  The music adds to the escape of this game.  πŸ˜ŠI’m a dork, but please bring back the music.

    I try to check my settings, and it says the music is on.  I always play from my iPhone.  Is this problem being fixed?  Thank you!

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