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When do other players receive lives?

QueenCharleneQueenCharlene Posts: 31 Level 2
edited October 2018 in Support
Hello again, I’m wondering when I’m about begin playing a new game or start a level there is an option to press at the very bottom send lives and a certain number of your friends will appear here and you can either check each person individually that you want to share lives with or push the button for all to receive a life! So my question is when if they receive a life do they get it? When I win the level or each time I go into the game n press send or so
etimes I win 4 or 5 levels in a row do they receive a new life for each level cause their name is still checked and it still says send lives!! Please let me know!! 

Gods Blessings to all! 
QueenCharlene 💜😍

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