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Trivia Central!



  • Narta1612
    Narta1612 Posts: 117 Level 3
    I enjoy it a lot and since I became part of your community, I've been through new members thanks to the advice and ideas of your members! =)<3
  • firebombmarkus
    firebombmarkus Posts: 13,110 Sweet Legend
    You are welcome @Narta1612 See ya around 🤗
  • MiaChristine
    MiaChristine Posts: 3,316 Legend
    edited April 2019

    National Pet Day

    National Pet Day is celebrated on April 11 of every year. National Pet Day is marked with the emphasis on people to show some extra care, love and attention to their pets.


    • The cat is the only domestic animal not mentioned in the Bible.

    • Guinea pigs and rabbits can’t sweat.

    • Cat urine glows under black lights.

    • Dogs are as smart as a two-year-old.

    • A cat’s jaw can't move sideways.

    • Unlike cats and dogs, a rabbit’s eyes do not reflect in bright lights.

    • Cats were considered demi-Gods in Ancient Egypt.

    • Dog’s whiskers help them see in the dark.

    • Dog’s nose prints are just as unique as fingerprints are to humans.

    • 80 million households in the United States currently have a pet

    • In the U.S., there are almost 80 million pets dogs and almost 86 million pet cats

    • With the proper care, goldfish can live 30-40 years in captivity

    •  Adult dogs normally have about 42 teeth 

    • Dogs only sweat through the pads of their feet

    • A group of cats is called a clowder

    • Cats sleep about 13 to 14 hours per day, on average 

    This holiday is all about appreciating and celebrating the wonderful pets in your life.  After all, pets are an important part of our lives and do so much for us, so shouldn’t we really give something back to them to show them our appreciation?

  • Narta1612
    Narta1612 Posts: 117 Level 3

    Why We Love National Pet Day

    1. They make the best companions

      Pets make the most loving and devoted creatures. They cure our loneliness and stress, mold their schedules to us, and often become integral members of our families.

    2. They help us keep up with routines

      Scheduling walks, playdates, and feeding times allows us to plan our days with discipline, makes us more likely to stick to routines, and teaches us time management skills. Sometimes our pets can be the reason we get out of bed each morning. (Yes, they can help improve symptoms of depression.)

    3. They bring meaning to our lives

      You develop a mutual dependency upon each other and that feels great.

    4. Adn this is our pet snail Turbo

  • MiaChristine
    MiaChristine Posts: 3,316 Legend
    edited April 2019
    I loved your pet trivia @Narta1612 and wanted to share my pet turtle 🐢 turbo he’s a 14 yr old yellow belly slider, and has a pleco fish buddy. These guys are very active and entertaining. I love watching them, they bring us lots of joy! 

  • Narta1612
    Narta1612 Posts: 117 Level 3
    They're great pets! I think that I can buy a turtle for my son. Can these turtles walk and dry, can they be out of the aquarium?
  • MiaChristine
    MiaChristine Posts: 3,316 Legend
    @Narta1612 they do bask under heat lamp, I custom made a basking top for turbo that has a ramp for easy access and gives him plenty of swimming space with a large resting loft on top. 

    These images are are examples, I combined these by making  a cabinet top with egg crate material for basking ramp and basket.. he loves it!

  • mysticalmysty
    mysticalmysty Posts: 30,393 Crushing Legend
    Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of empty beer glass. 
  • firebombmarkus
    firebombmarkus Posts: 13,110 Sweet Legend
    When you think you’re standing still remember this fact. Even though you don’t feel it, our entire local group of galaxies is moving at about one million miles per hour toward another galaxy group called the Virgo Cluster.
  • Crimson_Dawn
    Crimson_Dawn Posts: 2,741 Level 5
    I have a trivia fact. Did you know that the Cincinnati Reds (my favorite baseball team) was the very first team in Major League Baseball?

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