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  • mysticalmysty
    mysticalmysty Posts: 30,396 Crushing Legend
  • SeraphicStar
    SeraphicStar Posts: 4,537 Legend

    I didn't know that either @mysticalmysty very nice bit of trivia indeed! 😄

    Well here's another interesting bit of trivia from your SeraphicStar (or Google cause I only wish I was this smart haha! 🤣). Today we will be talking about something I've been fascinated with, and I hope you guys are interested in it as well! It's about our Solar System! 😁

    Okay so as many of you guys know, our galaxy is known as "The Milky Way" (Cool name eh? 😉)

    Now, the planetary system we call home is located in an outer spiral arm of the vast Milky Way galaxy. It consists of the Sun (our star) and everything that orbits around it. This includes the eight planets and their natural satellites (such as our moon), dwarf planets and their satellites, as well as asteroids, comets and countless particles of smaller debris.

    Let's go over 10 interesting things about our solar system shall we? ☺

    1. Our solar system is made up of a star, eight planets and countless smaller bodies such as dwarf planets, asteroids and comets. It's also only one of countless BILLIONS of other solar systems out there!

    2. Our solar system orbits the center of the Milky Way Galaxy at about 515,000 mph (828,000 kph). We’re in one of the galaxy’s four spiral arms.

    3. It takes our solar system about 230 million years to complete one orbit around the galactic center. That's an awfully long time if you ask me! 🤯

    4. There are three general kinds of galaxies: elliptical, spiral and irregular. The Milky Way is a spiral galaxy.

    5. Our solar system is a region of space. It has no atmosphere. But it contains many worlds—including Earth—with many kinds of atmospheres.

    6. The planets of our solar system—and even some asteroids—hold more than 150 moons in their orbits.

    7. The four giant planets—and at least one asteroid—have rings. None are as spectacular as Saturn’s gorgeous rings.

    8. More than 300 robotic spacecraft have explored destinations beyond Earth orbit, including 24 astronauts who orbited the moon. (I found this quite fascinating as I wasn't even aware there were that many robotic spacecraft that had been launched 😲)

    9. Our solar system is the only one known to support life. So far, we only know of life on Earth, but we’re looking for more everywhere we can. (I'm of the belief that there is life out there, but I'm not sure if we will find it 🤔)

    10. NASA’s Voyager 1 is the only spacecraft so far to leave our solar system. Four other spacecraft will eventually hit interstellar space.

    Phew, well I hope you guys enjoy this trivia delving into our solar system (and my silly side additions like this lol 😄). I'm looking forward to reading more neat trivia from you guys as well! 💫🤩

  • _Elsa_
    _Elsa_ Posts: 36,266 Sweet Legend

    You guys come up with such great information! I do need to relax here during the weekend so I hope to be talking more to all of you here.

  • SeraphicStar
    SeraphicStar Posts: 4,537 Legend
    edited April 2019

    Hey there @Elsa ! Your more than welcome to join us here! 😀

    We are a pretty warm and welcoming group here I think, or at least we try to be 😉

    P.S. When/if you have time I'd love to hear some juicy trivia from you 😄

    It doesn't have to be anything crazy though just find something interesting and I'm sure we will enjoy it! 🤗

  • mysticalmysty
    mysticalmysty Posts: 30,396 Crushing Legend

    Fun fact about Google : Do you know Google was originally called BackRub ? And it was created by collaboration from Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page in 1961. Wonder how they got the name from 🤔

  • _Elsa_
    _Elsa_ Posts: 36,266 Sweet Legend

    I had a kind of relaxing day today playing Bubblegum Hill on Soda. I played it in my 3 mobile devices so now I have a few free lollipops. I will try to look for some trivia tomorrow.

  • mysticalmysty
    mysticalmysty Posts: 30,396 Crushing Legend

    Sunday usually in many countries is the last day of the week, but not the case in mostly middle eastern countries. Sunday is the first day of working week. Do you know you can be fined up to $ 1.000 for whistling on Sunday in Salt Lake City, Utah ? 😯 Months that begin with Sunday always have Friday the 13th on it. Happy Sunday everyone 😁

  • firebombmarkus
    firebombmarkus Posts: 13,110 Sweet Legend

    I don't care, I love Sundays 😁 @mysticalmysty

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