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Tiffi loves her friends - meet Dachs

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Dachs is a 17 years old (in dog years) donut dog.  He lives in Candy Town and likes food and sniffing things.  He dislikes being alone.  He is brave, loyal, protective, forgetful and fearless.  He is always fighting for what is right. 


He is an original Candy Kingdom figurine, originally appearing in the Cake Town as the Donut Dog, an original Candy Kingdom figurine, originally appearing in the Cake Town expansion (©1940). Unfortunately, Dachs, Cupcake Carl, and all the Cake Town figurines had to pack up and leave Cake Town when it was discovered that it had been built directly on top of a still-active Bubblegum Volcano. This would potentially have traumatized poor Dachs, but he is so forgetful, he can’t remember much about those days gone by. In fact, he typically can’t find his keys, his wallet, his lunch box, and frankly, is even apt to leave a donut or two behind when he moves on to his next locale.


He is a self-styled reformer.  He cannot stand injustice of any kind and is happy to stand up and fight for what is right. Unfortunately, he can’t always remember what issue he is fighting for.  He is always looking for a master, and, after years of being mostly ignored by Mr. Toffee, he has taken a particular fondness for Yeti, following Yeti around from place to place, and feeding him the occasional donut (don’t worry , they grow right back).

In Candy Crush Soda, he appears in the Pastry Planet episode.  He is tied to a balloon and is suspended in the air.   


When we meet up with him in Candy Crush Friends Saga, we learn about his terrible memory and how he often forgets where he buried his chocolate bones and candy keys.   When you collect 10 green candies, Dachs will throw a ball to two cookies and reduces a single layer of blockers or removes candies. The ability affects 3 spaces in vertical with the cookie at the top.  If there is no cookie, Dachs will throw the ball to a random place and make damage to 3 spaces in vertical.

As you wind your way through the Candy Crush Friends Saga path, you might find a mystery chest placed on a level number button.  But wait, the chest is locked!  Dachs, the Donut Dog has the key, but is floating away further along the map. You will need to collect the chest and unite it with the key to unlock it and collect the contents. But make a note of the time available to reach Dachs before he's out of reach as you'll need to get to him before the timer expires.  Once unlocked, inside you'll find fragment items which you can add to your collection and boost up the totals you need to finish each set.  If you miss the key - don't worry. When you see him again you will  get another chance to reach him in the time shown in the game.


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