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Dachs offers to help Tiffi

ElsaElsa Posts: 18,658 Superstar
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Wow, it’s Dachs the Donut Dog!  Maybe he is here to get some dog biscuits.  “Hi Dachs,” she says.  “What’s going on?  I am on my way to see Red Rabbit.  He sounded so sad on the phone and wants me to come visit with him.  Would you like to come with me?”


Dachs wags his tail with excitement.  He is a brave, loyal and fearless dog, but forgetful!  He is 17 years old (in dog years).  He likes food and sniffing things but dislikes being alone.  He is endearingly forgetful, and you can always seem him fighting for what is right.  He is an original Candy Kingdom figurine, originally appearing in the Cake Town expansion (©1940). Unfortunately, Dachs, Cupcake Carl, and all the Cake Town figurines had to pack up and leave Cake Town when it was discovered that it had been built directly on top of a still-active Bubblegum Volcano. This would potentially have traumatized poor Dachs, but he is so forgetful, he can’t remember much about those days gone by. In fact, he typically can’t find his keys, his wallet, his lunch box, and frankly, is even apt to leave a donut or two behind when he moves on to his next locale. Dachs is a self-styled reformer. He cannot stand injustice of any kind and is happy to stand up and fight for what is right. Unfortunately, he can’t always remember what issue he is fighting for. He is always looking for a master, and, after years of being mostly ignored by Mr. Toffee, he has taken a particular fondness for Yeti, following Yeti around from place to place, and feeding him the occasional donut (don’t worry , they grow right back).

“Let’s go, get on my back” says Dachs and off they go. 


Finally, they see Red Rabbit up ahead.  He doesn’t look happy at all. 


“What’s going on my dear friend?” questions Tiffi.  “You look so sad.  Here’s a hug.  Please tell me why you look so sad.”


“I want to find love and romance, “ Red Rabbit says.  “All my brothers and sisters have had lots of romantic success, spawning lots of baby rabbits.  And I have no clue how to find love.”


Hmmmmmmm  What to do?  What can we do?  Let’s continue here.

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