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Why can’t I see my moves remaining on the iPhone 11 Pro Max



  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 6,321 Superstar
    Hello @Tannie19 Hearty Welcome to the Candy Friends section of our friendly King Community :) 

    Hello again @Pereaexprs @MattMDK and @Tannie19, looks like this is the issue with the Device itself but not the game!!  Many other players are posting about the issue in their game who have the same device! 

    I will elevate this issue to the Community Team and ask for their input on how to resolve it!  But, I request you to be patient until Monday because the King team are off for the weekend!  

    Thank you for understanding!  Have a great rest of the weekend =)

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  • goestoelevengoestoeleven Posts: 23 ✭✭
    edited September 23
    I’m sure the game sw engineering team simply needs to add the iPhone 11 device id’s to the profiles matching the iPhone X / XS / XS Max / XR.  An easy fix but they have to do it...
  • goestoelevengoestoeleven Posts: 23 ✭✭
    Thanks for posting — screenshots didn’t do it justice
  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 6,170 Community Manager
    Hey guys,

    Sorry for not posting earlier,  but I'm sure you noticed by now: The issue has been fixed

    You should all be able to play and see the full screen on your device. If that's not the case yet, remember to update the game version from the App store and voila :)

    Thanks for reporting this to us and for your patience! And if you have 2 minutes, please leave your feedback on Rachel's event right here and help us make the game even better! 

    Happy day 🍒

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  • goestoelevengoestoeleven Posts: 23 ✭✭
    Thanks — it is indeed fixed!
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