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Rancid has already fallen head over heels in love with Rachel even though they just met.  She was the cutest raccoon that he ever saw.  She has to fall in love with me, he thought.  He starts to think of ways to woo her.  Maybe a box of chocolate might work.  No, maybe some flowers might be a better idea.  Maybe chocolate and flowers.  He even thinks about getting her a bunch of balloons too.   He decides to take a walk into town to see what he could find. 

He buys some red roses and balloons.  Nothing but the best for his amour!


“Je t-aime de tout mon cœur, ” he says.  “I really need to brush up on my French.  I sure hope that I translate it correctly.  Maybe I better look it up in my English/French dictionary.”


He takes the book out of his pocket but then realizes that he needs to put the flowers and balloons down in order to find the translation in the book. 

He tries to open the book.  Oh no, it’s upside down. He doesn't realize that it's upside down until he opens it up.  Then he closes the book and turns it right side up.

“I love you with all my heart,” he says.  “I love you ……………with all …………….. my ……………… heart.  There it is in French.  I got it right!  Rancid you are smart!”


Pleased with himself, he puts the book back in his pocket and picks up his presents for Rachel.  Now where can she be?  He has to find her!  He wants to ask her out on a date!


Let’s see if Rancid finds her here.

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