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(FINISHED) Win up to 50 Gold bars for Candy Crush Friends 1st Anniversary!



  • ashfatima
    ashfatima Posts: 2 Newbie
    i love this game ... thankuuu crushing 😍😍
  • mohamad1366
    mohamad1366 Posts: 9 Level 2
    Happy Anniversary! 😘
  • Tmed93
    Tmed93 Posts: 10 Level 2
    Happy Birthday Candy Crush
  • Acv
    Acv Posts: 650 Level 5
    Happy Birthday Candy Crush Friends.  I want to thank the game designers and everyone who has worked on this game.  Thank you to @QueenMia for the community.  
  • jophillips
    jophillips Posts: 5 Level 2
    OMG I love this game,,, happy anniversary to you Candy crush friends saga🥂💖💗
  • mohamad1366
    mohamad1366 Posts: 9 Level 2
    love this game <3 😊
  • fuzzzz
    fuzzzz Posts: 13 Level 2
     Happy birthday Candy Crush team! And thank you! Thank you for keeping me sane =)
  • TitaniumAngel
    TitaniumAngel Posts: 1 Newbie
    Happy Anniversary🎉🎉. I haven't been playing long . I am having a hard time dealing with the loss of my father 8 years ago, my home burning down, and my little sister in a serious car accident and still in a coma . all within a month of each other happened. Some recent situations made these hit even harder to me. I decided to try candy saga and I find it very relaxing and laugh when they dance when complete a game. Thank you for that much needing laughs
  • candycrushinit
    candycrushinit Posts: 12,599 Level 5
    Hello @TitaniumAngel and very warm welcome to the community! I am awfully sorry of what happened at that time! :(  And it's even worse than one of my grandmothers died three or four years ago and it was so devastating to me and my father. But of course Candy Friends is the #1 game to relieve emotional pain and stress. I play about 2 hours daily, completing as many levels as possible (about 10-15 levels daily, 50 a week). And yes, I do really love it when they dance when you win a level, especially Yeti. His dance moves are so funny and adorable. But my favorite is really Nutcracker King of Hearts because I love the way he dances and that in fact, he's got a cute-looking rose for his amour. Real romantic dance <3 . So wanted to say thanks to the team for creating this awesome game and our lovely @QueenMia for all the amazing contests she held. Happy birthday Candy Friends! So love this game! :3
  • Sofia1992
    Sofia1992 Posts: 2,526 Level 5
    Hi @TitaniumAngel and welcome to our community.
    First of all, I'm very very sorry about what happened to you and to your sister and I hope she recovers soon.
    Also, I understand how much hard time you had and I'm very sorry that everything went wrong for you.
    I understand it because the last years, I have my own problems too like dealing with fake relationships and fake people in my real life while I was trying to stand on my feet and fight for a better tomorrow in my life on my own.

    And @candycrushinit , I'm also sorry for the lost of your grandmother.
    I lost my grandmother too 15 years ago (she was from my mom's side) , and it was very painful for me and it still is because she was like a second mother for me and she was very sweet and kind towards to me.
    Until today, I still miss her and I can't stop thinking of her.

    And to be honest in both of you, before playing Candy Crush Games, life was so boring for me and I was thinking what game I would play so to make me happy and clear my mind from my problems alittle but this Summer, I made the first steps and joined those games and it was one of the best decisions in my life cause I loved Candy Crush Games alot and they are just AMAZING!
    And about CCFS, it was on my top favorites (along with Candy Crush Soda Saga) .
    And I loved too how the characters danced in the end of those levels.
    Every time seeing them happy, it makes you happy too and makes your victories sweeter than ever (especially after a hard level) .

    Still, I would like to thank all the team for creating this game again and @QueenMia for making a good job as community manager and the superstars of course, for helping us to make this game better than ever.
    Thank you for giving us so much happiness via this game, QueenMia.

    P.S : And about you @MightyWolf , I have the same problem too and I talked to QueenMia about it and she and her team  will gonna investigate the problem so they will try to fix it as soon as they can in order to enjoy BubbleGum Troll's event again.
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