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(FIXED) You DID NOT receive your REWARD at the end of the level/episode?



  • PaulineTanPaulineTan Posts: 2
    Id 1389612303

    reward not received after level 700 and 720
  • SamixSamSamixSam Posts: 8
    Game I.D : 2240771973

    Rewards for lvl 520 & 540 
  • bronze121bronze121 Posts: 2
    My ID: 1126462767

    Levels not received:

    thanks 👍
  • koponenkoponen Posts: 6
    Id 9475054659 level 920
  • gr33n3y3zgr33n3y3z Posts: 373 ✭✭✭✭
    user id: 10208082809

    Well i passed another episode yesterday  and sadly i didn't get my reward :( ! I did take a video just in case of this happening again.  

    Live everyday as if it was your last <3  That's why i crush candy everyday.
  • ArianeAriane Posts: 15
    Ariane said:
    Ariane said:
    Ariane said:
    Ariane said:
    Ariane said:
    User ID 1547799263 
    now at level 1243
    No Level rewards at end 1200, 1220 and 1240
    It happened again. I did not receive a level reward after level 1260. I play on IOS.
    Again. No level reward after level 1280. I play on iOS.
    Again. No Level reward After level 1300. I Play on iOS 
    Again. No level reward after level 1320. I play on iOS.
    Again. No level reward after level 1340. I play on iOS.
  • DBlake13DBlake13 Posts: 8
    I just completed 1660 and i didn’t get the map reward again.

    My ID is 5786352002
  • QueenMia said:
    Hi everyone,

    I have added the missing rewards to all of you now - Remember you need to force close the App/log out from the game and in again in order to trigger the box.

    I'll update once we have news for iOS players.

    Thanks and have a sweet day 🍒
    I only received one box, but missed three. 

    User ID 
  • Imbubbie60Imbubbie60 Posts: 11
    Did not receive award after  1140

    ID 1015524249
  • janusyajanusya Posts: 1
    I’ve completed level 1340 and I didn’t receive my rewards. 
  • vish580vish580 Posts: 1
    Ive not received my rewards for completing the last 4 levels. Details below thanks 

  • eogus00eogus00 Posts: 1
    edited October 22
    myid : 5719865146

    Did not receive reward after 1500
  • AcvAcv Posts: 221 ✭✭✭✭
    I received my map reward today thank you @QueenMia
  • mamabear57mamabear57 Posts: 4
    User ID 10035562909
    Did not receive reward after 1240
  • dianne01dianne01 Posts: 1
    Level 1036- the “ world” booster I git at the end of 1035didnt work when I started the next level.. it happened a couple weeks ago- exact sa
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