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Your BubbleGum Troll event DISAPPEARED? Check HERE



  • nana1819nana1819 Posts: 4

    También he perdido el evento.
    Desde ayer no me vendí el evento de Bubblegum. 
    Ya lo actualizo pensando que así se iba a activar otra vez pero no, ya me faltaba la mitad para completarlo.
    Por favor necesito que me ayuden a resolver esto.

  • pottamuspottamus Posts: 2
    I have also lost the event. I only needed 120 points to get the king. Pls fix this as I really want to complete the challenge. Love the game otherwise.
  • CindykCindyk Posts: 5
    edited October 18
    I too have lost the event. I had 750 points for my team.  Is the event coming back and if so will we begin where we left off at?
  • Graeme_LondonGraeme_London Posts: 85 ✭✭✭
    The event disappeared after my playstore updated the game to version 1.23.7 today.
  • Just_Me-2Just_Me-2 Posts: 198 ✭✭✭
    Hi all,

    This just happened to me too. The event disappeared after performing the latest update. I have screenshots. Please advise. Thank you.

  • Just_Me-2Just_Me-2 Posts: 198 ✭✭✭
    I am not sure why the screenshots are not showing in previous post. They are appended below.

  • jenizzlejenizzle Posts: 3
    edited October 17
    I have experienced the same thing, I had a game update earlier today and once I opened up the game the challenge had disappeared and I had gotten really far. I've tried all the tips, restarted my tablet, cleared my cache and logged off then back in and it still isn't come back.
    My user ID is 2275317306
  • Christ64Christ64 Posts: 7
    edited October 17
     Mir ist das gleiche passiert.das BubbleGum-Troll ist auf einmal weg. Hatte schon 540 Punkte.
    Den Levels Abschluss habe ich auch 2 Mal nicht bekommen. Den Odus als Adler war kurz vor dem Schluss auch verschwunden.ich spiele auf einem Tablet. Jetzt bin ich sauer.
    Kann mir jemand helfen ihn wieder zu bekommen.  

    Benutzer-ID: 9973816841
  • jotinhajotinha Posts: 1
    It happen to me also. Please fix ir soon.
  • dgumaerdgumaer Posts: 1
    My event disappeared  when phone died. Unsure if game updated when I turned it back on or what. Kinda upset me n my team were close to 4000 (38?? Or 39??) N no didn't receive  any rewards, so I know it was completed. Cleared info, restarted phone again, even uninstalled game nothing. In fact it reset daily rewards back to day 1 but kept level the same
  • hubie99hubie99 Posts: 1
    My event also disappeared.  Tried the  suggested steps, but it didn't work. 
  • perkperkoperkperko Posts: 0
    I  was playing bubblegum troll my team had 3159 troll my team  and 9 days left I updated my app and everything is gone what happened to my stuff.
  • lovellalynchlovellalynch Posts: 3
    My event is gone from my tablet, but still on my phone. Bummer I love playing my tablet I can see so much better and my chubby fingers almost never mis swipe.
  • monnie11monnie11 Posts: 33 ✭✭
    I lost the event as well once I updated. Any suggestions on how to get it back??
  • monnie11monnie11 Posts: 33 ✭✭
    I lost the event once I updated as well. Any suggestions to get it back? My ID is 1407246551
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