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Next is Nutcracker and Odus

ElsaElsa Posts: 21,637 Superstar
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“Next to hit the runway is Nutcracker,” says Elsa.  “He wants you to know that he was a member of a Christmas toy set before he fell into the Candy Kingdom. He believes he's been taken prisoner in this strange world, but since he met Tiffi, he's not so sure he wants to go back home.  He just loves his skeleton outfit and next year he might go trick or treating with his friends and this outfit will be perfect!  Since he loves to eat his nuts, the studio created a squirrel outfit just for him!  But let’s not forget that he is a nutcracker so he can also be seen wearing his original navy outfit.  Sometimes he enjoys wearing his light blue robot outfit too.

“Here comes Odus. He has been here for a very long time.  He always tries to take care of Tiffi.  Many times, he’s carried her off to Dreamworld whenever she went to sleep as he believed that she needed a break from helping people.  He has on his tropical bird outfit.  It looks like he is ready to attend a masquerade ball.  That is the cutest outfit that I have ever seen.  Look at him strut his stuff as he walks down the runway.  You go Odus!  Don’t you just love his magician outfit!  Odus, do you have any good card tricks for us?  We can’t forget how much he enjoys being an adventurer.  Love your hat Odus!  He will be more than ready for Easter with his chick outfit.  Last, but not least, is his epic eagle outfit.” 

Who will be next?  Let’s find out here.

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