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It’s Fashion Show day!

ElsaElsa Posts: 21,593 Superstar
edited October 15 in Candy Friends Stories

Wow the time is going very fast, and Tiffi can’t believe that it’s finally the day of the fashion show.  She gathers up the outfits that she will be wearing and then calls Yeti and Red Rabbit to find out what time they plan to be there.  They decide to meet at 12:00 CET.  They have to be there an hour earlier to get their makeup done so Tiffi quickly gathers everything together and it’s now time for her and Rachel to leave.

Elsa looks at her watch and it’s 13:00 CET.  It’s almost time for the show to begin.  She does last minute checks as she is the MC tonight.  Designers and dressmakers are in the back just in case something goes wrong with any of the outfits.  Now where did she put her To Do list.  There it is!


All characters have arrived, check! 

Food & drinks are here, check! 

Music is setting up, check! 

@QueenMia, check! 

@Jelly Jenny , check! 

@QueenB and @QueenRaffie – check! 

@Crazy Cat Lad can’t make it. 

@Xarly is not here yet.  Hopefully he isn’t stuck in the traffic. 


QueenMia is going to be helping Elsa throughout the evening so she joins her backstage. 


“Looks like we’re almost ready to start,” QueenMia says.  “Did you check to make sure that the microphone is working?”


Tiffi takes a peak through the closed curtain to see if the attendees are being seated.  Yes, it’s almost full.  Kimmy is sitting in the front with Mr. Toffee.  They wave to each other and Tiffi is happy that both of them are able to see the show. 


Just a few more minutes and then the show will begin!  Elsa takes her place behind the closed curtain.  


The curtain begins to open so on with the show here

If you arrived here, then you might want to start at the beginning of the story


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