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Level Design Needs You! Tell us what you think about scrolling levels!

MystraMystra Posts: 1 Kingster
edited February 27 in Discussions

Hi everyone!

My name is Darasimi, but you can call me Daras! I’m a Technical Level Designer from the Candy Crush Friends Saga team over here in our London Studio.

You might remember that some time ago our team’s lead, John asked you some questions about the length of our levels to help us refine and improve the quality of the levels we make for you. 

We found your feedback super helpful and now we would love to hear from you again! We are always looking for ways to improve what we do, and your responses from last time proved to us once again just how passionate you are about our work.

This time we would like to hear what you have to say about the levels we make that scroll through multiple screens. 

  • How do you feel about how long it takes to complete them?
    • Do you think they go on for too long compared to our standard, one screen levels or do you think they should go on for longer, or are they fine the way they are?
  • We typically don’t make a lot of scrolling levels per episode (usually one or two per twenty levels). How do you feel about that?
    • Would you like to see more per episode, or do you think have it right as it is?
  • How do you feel about the difficulty change as you go from screen to screen?
    • Would you prefer that the first screen was super easy and each screen afterwards get more difficult?
    • Would you prefer the opposite? Having a difficult first screen and have each next one get easier?
    • Would you prefer a mix of the two?

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say! Thanks for being awesome and see you all soon!



  • 8657Lisa8657Lisa Posts: 4 New Bee

    I like how it is at thw moment not sure what its going to be as you move along

  • Sharon_LooseSharon_Loose Posts: 409 Game Expert

    Hi Daras thank you for asking for our feedback,

    I think the length of the multiple screen levels are fine as they are and I also think one to two per 20 levels is okay, I certainly wouldn’t want more. I would prefer the harder screen first and to get easier as you progress but a mixture is okay.

  • BlazinLBlazinL Posts: 4 New Bee

    I like scrolling levels. 3 or 4 every tier would be cool. I feel the difficulty is def harder on the last screen than previous ones but it's still fun. However my issue is only seeing the screens for a moment before I start. I'd like the option to see the next screens at any time during the level. (Maybe a button to toggle zoom?).... Or to go through the screens just like in the intro (after a 6 second idle?). Please consider it.Ty! 🍬💪

  • Nat09Nat09 Posts: 5,675 Game Expert

    Hi Darasimi @Mystra, it’s very nice to meet you, welcome to the community, I’m happy to share my opinion to help you guys. 😊

    1- I like having a different challenge once in a while. I think the length of them are fine as they are. I wouldn’t want them longer. I really enjoy the octopus, they are my favourite.

    2- I think 2 per twenty levels is good, they are usually a bit more challenging, which I don’t mind, but I think it might discourage some that have a hard time with those levels if you added more.

    3- I would like a mix of both. It would be fun to start with the hardest sometimes, you know, get the worst one out of the way, but I also enjoy the challenge of doing the hardest last, then I have to strategize and figure out how many lives should I keep for the last one.

    4- Overall, I think it’s great the way it is, once in a while it’s different and challenging and I love it. I have one suggestion for when you do easy screen to hardest. Often by the time you get to the 3d screen you don’t have a lot of moves left, so maybe adding a bomb or combination, something that encourages you to keep going. You guys do such a wonderful job, keep it up, your friend Nat.

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