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Dear Diary, I remember the time ..…

ElsaElsa Posts: 27,363 Superstar

We all have some background knowledge about our Bubblegum Troll, but let’s review it here.

He has a light pinkish colour body with a gold or grey pin for his arms. He resembles a stretched piece of bubblegum as he has a stretched rear area. He is 44 years old and 3’ 3” tall. He lives under the Bubble Gum Bridge in Candy Town. He is clever, mischievous and has a Napoleon complex. He is also selfish but ultimately harmless. He likes getting his way and being praised. He dislikes snow and sharp things.  

He loves playing pranks on everyone. However, he is still a well-loved character in the Kingdom, as he is only intending to cause amusement.  He hates being out in the rain.  He knows everything about the Candy Kingdom. Since he is a bit bossy he doesn’t have too many friends. But he works well with Cupcake Carl, Dachs the Donut Dog, and other minions. Less well with Jenny or Mr. Toffee. 

He wasn’t always this angelic………….. 

Let’s continue to the next part here - Chewy is not happy

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