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Pan-Pan leaves the zoo

ElsaElsa Posts: 28,672 Superstar
edited July 13 in Candy Friends Stories

“I was so torn between leaving my sister behind or just staying at the zoo,” Pan-Pan says. “I couldn’t stay there another day and be so sad so I hugged and kissed my sister and told her that one day I would be back for her. As I started heading toward the front of the zoo, I saw a zookeeper so I hid behind a tree. Once she was out of sight, I found my way out and it seemed like forever until I arrived here. I was so happy to see bamboo trees because I was really hungry. I ate too much bamboo and my feet were so sore so I decided to rest a bit before continuing to find my way home. But I got so sad and I was so lost. I don’t know how to find my way home.” 

Poor Pan-Pan! He started sobbing so Tiffi went over and sat next to him. She gave him a HUGE bear hug! She has to start heading home to make dinner but she promises Pan-Pan that she will try to come up with a solution on how he can get back home. That makes Pan-Pan very happy.

Let’s continue - Yeti and Pan-Pan chat 

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