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Could Kimmy have this power?

ElsaElsa Posts: 28,683 Superstar
edited July 13 in Candy Friends Stories

Tiffi looks at Kimmy sitting on the floor by herself. She doesn’t see or hear a bear reading a story. All the teddy bears are on the shelves. What is her sister talking about? 

“Kimmy, maybe we need to take you to a doctor,” Tiffi says. “I didn’t see or hear anything. I wonder if you are either getting sick, do you have a fever or the chills? Maybe it’s a mental health issue, because there is a diagnosis called schizophrenia where people think that they see things or hear things. Or, I just thought of this, it could be ‘Clairvoyance’. I read about it online. It’s a French word that means “Clear Seeing.” It’s a psychic ability, the intuitive 6th Sense, and the subtle perception that allows us to see energy. When you see something Clairvoyantly, it’s a powerful and magical experience. That might be happening to you.”

Wow, maybe Kimmy is clairvoyant! Wouldn’t that be cool? Tiffi remembers that Kimmy had an imaginary friend when she was much younger. She used to talk to this friend all the time. So, maybe, just maybe she is clairvoyant. 

The end! 

This story is being dedicated to all our teddy bear lovers who posted here. If you never read the story Kimmy and the bears, please check it out! You might also be interested in my new panda bear story – The story of Pan-Pan and Ling-Ling

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