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Tiffi shows them a picture of the twin panda bears

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edited July 13 in Candy Friends Stories

“Arthur, this is my sister Kimmy,” Tiffi says. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, your royal highness,” Kimmy says. 

Arthur tells her that no formality is necessary and Kimmy needs to call him Arthur. Arthur tells them to please sit down and he tells Chewy to please get some snacks and drinks. When Chewy returns from the kitchen, Tiffi has to share with them the story of Pan-Pan and Ling-Ling. 

“Chewy, did you speak to Yeti yet?” she asks. “I wanted to know if you heard about the twin panda bears that are living in Bamboo Forest right here in the Candy Kingdom. She takes out a picture to show them. Chewy says that he hasn’t heard from Yeti in a few days. 

She shows them the picture and then explains how they ended up in the Candy Kingdom. Kimmy thinks that they are adorable. 

“I saw them yesterday in Bamboo Forest, on the way home,” Kimmy says. “Pan-Pan was sleeping because he ate too much bamboo but Ling-Ling was wide awake. You have to go with us the next time we go. “ 

The trolls think that’s a great idea and promise that they will. 

Let’s continue - Kimmy has a part time job

Start at the beginning - Kimmy’s bear tales

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