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Welcome to the King’s Got Talent show!

ElsaElsa Posts: 30,938 Superstar
edited July 2020 in Candy Friends Stories

If you haven’t read the Friends’ Got Talent story yet, you really need to read that first.  

Today is the day! The show is set to begin at 20:00 CET. Everyone arrives at least an hour before. Mr. Toffee and Arthur meet up with Tiffi and Elsa to find out what they will be responsible for.  

“Well the lighting guys are here setting up their equipment,” Elsa says.  “I think the characters might need your help getting their props ready for the show. A table will need to be set up for Dachs for his magic tricks, Jenny for her fruit carving, the twins for their dummies and Tiffi for her cake decorating. Olivia is going to need help with her easel.  I’m sure as the day goes on you will find things to do.” 

Mr. Toffee and Arthur head on over to where all the characters are to see what props they will need to use during their performance. 

Rancid arrives with Rachel. 

Let’s continue here - Rancid loses his self-confidence

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